Saturday, 21 March 2009

Jacket from Bless 36-Nothingneat Collection in store now.

The name of the collection derives from a joyful moment of non-sense: how to define a maximum of summer nakedness in order to feel cool on hot days.

The collection is mainly composed of light linen, cotton and silk fabrics in mat colours that should protect from intense sun except of a bright geranium red that occurs incidentally.

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  1. Overalls with hood and booties made of non-woven SMS Fabric with elastic polypropylene at the ankles, face and waist and with Elastic wrist, as well as a self-adhesive flap for a better closing / sealing at the neck.

    Type 5 / Type 6 fully compliant
    Available in White from XL to 3XL

    Type 5: complies with prEN 13982-1: 2004 and its amendment of March 2011
    Type 6: complies with prEN 13034: 2005. Painters Rags