Sunday 10 May 2009

C.Neeon SS09

For their spring/summer 2009 collection c.neeon looks to the Sundays of summertime for inspiration. A little sleepy, a little dreamy and tasting slightly of strawberry short cake with mounds of whipped cream and colored frosting. The clothes are playful and feminine, but by material contrast, also the play between the inner and outer, blended and broken. In the knitting there are slight reticular structures, and in the prints large, colorful butterflies on transparent chiffon.

All photos from Agentur V


  1. Bescherming tegen chemische gevaren en bij het hanteren van gevaarlijke stoffen tijdens industrieel onderhoud, tijdens het reinigen van containers en tanks in noodsituaties en chemicaliën in de landbouw.

    Type 5- NF EN 13982

    Bescherming tegen vaste chemicaliën, zwevende deeltjes. Volledig waterdichte uitrusting. Bijvoorbeeld asbestverwijdering, agrarische omgevingen tijdens poederbewerkingen.
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    Type 6- NF EN 13034

    Beperkte bescherming tegen opspattende vloeibare chemicaliën. Bijvoorbeeld petrochemie, laboratoria, chemische industrie, agrarische omgevingen en fytosanitaire risico’s. Beschermende overall Type 5/6

  2. Overalls with hood and booties made of non-woven SMS Fabric with elastic polypropylene at the ankles, face and waist and with Elastic wrist, as well as a self-adhesive flap for a better closing / sealing at the neck.

    Type 5 / Type 6 fully compliant
    Available in White from XL to 3XL

    Type 5: complies with prEN 13982-1: 2004 and its amendment of March 2011
    Type 6: complies with prEN 13034: 2005. Abatement Overalls for Lead