Thursday 8 October 2009

Volta shoes are back in store.

We now have the leather classics back in store in addition to the new suede styles for autumn/winter. We also carry a new Classic, the "Navy leather". Enjoy.

Volta explains their concept like this:
“Instant classic” means, to be accepted by consumers as a satisfying new proposal for their daily habits and needs. When everything has been done and said already, we still see room for innovation. Our passion helps us, to work hard and try to achieve the missions. Any Volta product will have the same goal: to be “born a classic” and “part of future”.

We make simple shoes to be worn everyday.
A one-style unisex hybrid between sneakers and boots, built with made-in-Italy quality.
They are comfortable, easy-to-wear and affordable.
Inspired by the footwear development of the last 50 years, Volta shoes are designed to instantly become part of the same history.

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  5. These are exactly the shoes I saw in my dream about losing shoes during the REM sleep phase.