Wednesday, 2 December 2009

La Tonkinoise à Paris

La Tonkinoise à Paris is a fine feminine jewellery brand. Mixing patina with the delicate glass or semi-precious stones, the designer enjoys giving a second life to rings, bracelets, brooches, and watches, hunted down in the second hand markets of Paris.

La Tonkinoise à Paris, like the song performed by Josephine Baker, gives a retro Paris love as well as New York in 1929 feeling. Combination of exoticism and certain naïve naughtiness, the collection is exquisite…

Chantal, young 38 years old designer is graduated from Applied Arts Duperré and Estienne. She has worked with Isabel Marrant, Lanvin and Babylone, she refines her know-how in the jewellery manufacturing of Parisian workshops. Passionate of bric à brac trade and old jewellery, brooch collector, rings, vintage necklaces, she finds a daily inspiration resource. All pieces are unique and made by Chantal herself in her workshop.

The picture showes the selection made for the Henrik Vibskov Boutiques exclusively.


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