Sunday 20 December 2009

The shop is open today Sunday 20.12.09!

The shop is open today from 11-17 and we have lots of great Christmas gift ideas!

This is the our wish list for the 2009 Christmas:

1. Tees and Cardigans from PLAY by Comme des Garcons - give a heart to someone you love.

2. Beatiful bracelets from Sabrina DeHoff - wonderful and comfortable in string and gold.

3. Art and Design books fra Abookadabra - New inspiring worlds to discover.

4. Six Scents parfums, Series 2 - Smell great and donate to Charity at the same time!

5. Bag from Ally Cappellino - last ones on display, people!

6. Underwear from Karstoft/ Vestergaard - luxury second skin knits and jerseys.

7. Socks from Henrik Vibskov - who said getting socks for Christmas was boring?


  1. I might visit your shop. And you can read about california colleges meanwhile. Okay?