Thursday, 26 August 2010

Nice interview with Walter Van Beriendonck from Dazed

Not satisfied with being been known for inspiring and politicising fashion for nearly thirty years, or curating numerous exhibitions and publications that have seeded discourse on popular culture, Walter Van Beirendonck has also been heavily involved in the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art course since the late 80s. As is sometimes the case with high profile figures attached to subsequently high profile university courses, Walter has much more than a remote connection to the Academy. He is far from a guest lecturer, and in 2007 became the head of the department.

Numerous forward thinking designers have studied under Walter at the Academy over the years including Bernhard Willhelm, Kris Van Assche, and Wim Neels. As we were interviewing him about his long-standing career for the September issue of Dazed & Confused, we decided to ask Walter to highlight a number of his current and recent students that you should definitely keep your eye on in the future. His selection of a few talented Antwerp students is Walter Van Beirendonck's own version of the Antwerp 6 in 2010. From today, and for the next five days, Dazed Digital will profile the students, giving you an insight into their inspiration and ambitions, plus images from their latest collections.

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  1. According to your blog i thing Walter Van Beirendonck has major influence in university because of high profile courses and politicizing fashion and his involving academy in fine arts.