Wednesday, 29 September 2010

In store: Reality Studio AW10 "Cosmic Camouflage"

AW10/11 Collection `COSMIC CAMOUFLAGE´

The clothing we use to swaddle and encase our bodies is our way of coping with the reality we inhabit. Shield and weapon in one. What we wear creates a relationship between the self and the collective existence; it provides a camouflage. A secret place for our self-denominated alien-like features. If a fashion piece could simultaneously blend in and make a statement, this would be it.

An interplay between self-perception and self-projection, culminating in comfortable, wearable harmony.

Who – Svenja Specht, creator of Reality Studio (Berlin), since 2005. Fashion and product designer with previous stints in Paris, Cologne and Beijing. 

What – Women’s wear. Ever-present jumpsuits and wraps in colourful concoctions of silk, knits and wool. The collection springs from the collaborative fabric print -Cosmic Camouflage- by painter Michael Kalki (

Why – Because there’s an alien in all of us, and she loves to play dress-up.

Text by Sugarhigh (Alonso Dominguez)

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