Monday, 1 August 2011


First drop of Henrik Vibskov - THE EAT - A/W 11/12 has finally arrived our Boutiques in NEW YORK, OSLO, COPENHAGEN and ONLINE.

HENRIK VIBSKOV A/W 11/12 - THE EAT - Staging a dinner-like scenery, the act of eating itself is not of big importance to "The Eat", but it is the unfolding of the components and the components themselves that are interesting. It is a precise, mechanic, systematised organisation of an environment, a claustrophobic regime that is presented.
At "The Eat" the spectator will be exposed to blown up cocoons, hung up in slaughterhouse-like transportation racks. In each of the cocoons there is a survival kit, a number of basic remedies for living. The colours are alarming and synthetic, the people attending "The Eat" are anonymous and their views and actions are controlled and fixed. It is not a noble dinner or a
celebration, it is a description of a dystopian environment or atmosphere, familiar to a prison canteen or a labor camp. With references to films like Fahrenheit 451, 1984 and Brazil, "The Eat" is a critical, dark and at times satirical tale.

Stay tuned, more collections coming soon.

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