Friday 26 August 2011


COMME DES GARCON PERFUMES; Monocle´s Hinoki and Laurel, Wonderwood and Man 2 are now back in stock in our Oslo Boutique.

Hinoki has the full, rich scent of the wood, the smells of the surrounding greenery, the soft touch of meditative incense, the memories of native moss.

Monocle scent two: Laurel has a fresh clean scent that has warm laurel notes. Developed by the same team that launched Hinoki scent.
Wonderwood is a positive overdose of woods, woody notes and synthetic wood constructions, wood gone mad.

Stop by and sniff our other perfumes!

Man 2, a scent of saffron flowers lend a touch of sweetness, mint, kumquat and vetiver roots all add a spicy and dark finish. And our newest scent, second anti-perfume Odeur 71. A completely wearable scent of wood, moss, bamboo, elm and willow.


  1. I kind of want to try them on now...

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