Thursday, 29 September 2011


The 'CRYSTAL INSIDE' collection carries away from cold, icy winter days outside with crystal clear air and gives in the longing for cosiness and comfort - for beeing inside.
Basic graphic elements of the collection are inspired by ornaments, patterns of rugs, crystals, geometric arangements to be found in "still lifes". Colours are earthy, brown tones, black and white, plus strong highlights like red and pale neon green, accompanied by a fresh pale blue.
Patterns are based on the approach of involving blankets and scarfs in garments and silhouettes - paterns developed out of "wrapped" blankets.
The composition: Series of woolcoats, jackets, silk dresses and tops is beeing important in the line. Alongside the clothing line you can this season buy rugs.

The Collection is now available in Copenhagen, New York, Online and by the end of this week also Oslo.

EUR 332,00

EUR 410,00

EUR 280,00

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