Saturday 17 September 2011


The new, 14th issue of FANTASTIC MAN features the phenomenal fashion designer Mr. RAF SIMONS on the cover. Photographed at his home in Antwerp, RAF is seen wearing select pieces by RAF SIMONS and JIL SANDER – both brands he designs for. Other interesting men profiled in this issue include: the fabulous magician Mr. DAVID COPPERFIELD, the interior-decorator extraordinaire Mr. RICKY CLIFTON and the hailed London-based chef Mr. YOTAM OTTOLENGHI.
The remainder of the 268-page issue is full of absorbing stories, photographs of some gloriously useless PAPERWEIGHTS, style investigations, tips and tricks for the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons, and a delightful new format in which you can read about conducted insightful conversations with three gentlemen of note: KIM JONES, DIRK SCHÖNBERGER and JOHNNY MARR, the famed guitarist of THE SMITHS.

FANTASTIC MAN issue 14 now available in Oslo and Copenhagen.

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