Wednesday 22 February 2012


anish designer Henrik Vibskov is foremost recognized with his fashion label but it is the vast magnitude of creativity that goes beyond his clothing that amazes. Since graduating from the illustrious Central St. Martins in 2001, Vibskov has become a household name in fashion circles since presenting his first collection in Paris in 2003. One principle of Vibskov's that stands out is that he never gives away clothing for commercial use, thus seeing his designs on the likes of M.I.A., Bjork, Sigur Ros and the likes represents how well his work is valued. In addition to fashion, Vibskov enjoys touring with his band Trentmoller as well as exhibiting in museums and galleries all over the world. I caught up with the award winning designer, artist, musician to talk about advice, his spring/summer 2012 collection and the direction of his label.

James Oliver: Before you started your own label, can you tell us what you did and what was pivotal for you to decide starting your own label?

Henrik Vibskov: I was playing coffee, smoking music, drinking cigarettes.

JO: What's the best piece of advice you've ever had?

HV: Give it your all in your 20's, you can always slow down in your 30's.

JO: How did Central Saint Martins help define your approach?

HV: It took some years... but I think they helped me with my creative focus, which I then learned to execute afterwards – luckily CSM doesn't push one much towards the business part.

JO: Can you explain the concept of your collections and how you have progressed since debuting?

HV: Wow, this is rather a life story... and changes from season to season. Different concepts, different worlds, different loves, different perspectives, year by year by year.

JO: Much is made of the balance between conceptual and functional design, what are your thoughts on the process and how they each define your aesthetic?

HV: I am more interested in imbalances, a harmony that evolves from chaos.

JO: What is the theme for the Henrik Vibskov Spring/Summer 2012 Collection? Please explain how you approach the collection.

HV: One starting point of the collection were instruments, which was reflected by the installation – a giant, walkable drum machine – and the showpieces – the hats with the string-detailing or the pantsuit with the sewn-in drums. Also in a more subtle way throughout the collection in its drum-like silhouettes or instrument shaped pattern pieces. But as in everyone of our collections, there is a broad variety in influences and inspirations.

JO: What direction do you see the label going in the future?

HV: North, East, South, West.

Text by James Oliver for POST NEW

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