Wednesday 25 April 2012


Day 2 in Paris we started with Stine Goya at Capsule showing her AW12 collection "Seduction de la Nature".  Stine Goya has always had an eye for colors and prints. We especially loved the yellow, rust, burgundy but also grey and black styles for the season.

Next stop was at Svenja who is the creator and designer behind the Berlin Brand, Reality Studio. In her clothing she says she "cuts up fragments of memories, mixes up impressions and adds experiences". 

The collection "`Ali´ (a Turkish delight)" is inspired by Turkish/ Arabic art & culture, music, multiculturalism, borders, integration, belief, 50 years `guest-workers´ in Germany, traditional costumes, freedom, equality, tradition, tolerance & ignorance.

After a long day with a lot of meetings we went to our favourite Maroccan Restaurant Chez Omar at rue de Bretagne in the 3rd arrondissement.

 Maroccan Lamb! Jacob our Retail Directore cannot hide his happiness.

...and Couscous.

Dinner is served!  

Yellow is the new Black!

Dutch Designer Anne De Grijjf herself.
Her SS12 collection is now available in our NYC boutique and the AW12 collection will be available  in all our Boutiques.  

And yes we ended our night at the legendary Club Sanwhich with a 
Francoise Sagat live performance.

Next day! An early morning coffee and we got suited up for a visit at the Anntian Showroom.
Robert the Oslo Store Manager and buyer is wearing the 
Henrik Vibskov Murer Jacket and Jetlag Pants.

What a cosy view from the Showroom.

The combination of the AW12 collections print with interesting and sometimes avant-garde cuts means the clothing has real standout.

 Anntian's graphic designer Anne Hilken is helping with the orders.

Designer Christian Kurt in front of the AW12 collection.
We really likes how the graphics and the varied colours on each piece of clothing are hand printed 
or hand painted which, makes Anntian very personal.

 After saying goodbye Anne and Christian we all wanted to bring the handmade multi colored rug.

 The next stop was at the Bernhard Willhelm HQ - Always one of the most "enjoyable" collections

 Placing the orders - Orange, navy, multi prints....

 We Love it all!

"I wear my sunglasses at night..." The SS12 Mykita X Bernhard Willhelm Co-lab is now available in Copenhagen and NY. 

....And still a lot of meetings ahead of us!

 ....Paris j'taime au revoir a bientot!


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