Sunday 1 July 2012


"Show-goers can always expect a surprise from Henrik Vibskov. True to form, the initial disappointment at the lack of a theatrical backdrop at his spring 2013 collection gave way to squeals of delight when a giant tongue dotted with black polyps unravelled on the catwalk. Assembled with the aid of two assistant ninjas, the tongue filled with air and dancers emerged from its interior. And that was just the set.

The models who followed added a strange new flavor to the mix. They loped around the mammoth tongue sporting attire that seemed more suited for fishing. Interestingly, they were all black and Vibskov borrowed heavily from African textiles, but it seemed he had no particular country in mind, save for the one of his own creation, where characters hunted and gathered some entirely new species using the strange contraption he had built for the show.

Soft separates were pocked with holes or printed with large graphics, creating a happy marriage between comfort and cool. The pared-down palette of mustard, brown, white, pink and black brought a quiet harmony to the collection."

Text by Kassy Hayden, HINT FASHION MAGAZINE.


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