Wednesday 27 March 2013


The Italian fashion house Missoni used to be Simone Rainer's workplace, until he chose to start his own accessories line two years ago. Unique materials and experimental forms characterise the designs of the 27-year-old Italian, which this season resulted in one of its kind leather bags. A material that changes over time and preserves the marks of time, working as an ongoing transformation observed by its owner.

We caught up with the designer for a quick talk about his latest collection, dream client and plans for Saturday night.
Inspiration for SS13 collection?
The inspiration of the collection is the perfection of the human body, ruled by geometric proportions, with its textures, surfaces and colours.

Dream client?
My dream client is smart and sophisticated. She is curious and loves to be involved in touch experiences through materials. Naturally attracted by the magnetic energy of the bags.

Biggest designer misconception?
Maybe to be too far away from reality: it is not true! We designers are totally stuck in it! If you weren’t a designer, you’d be? I think I would be a biologist.

How would your best friend describe you in 5 words?
Smart, funny, always busy, eclectic, and moody.

Current guilty pleasure?
Too much coffee and chocolate biscuits.

Song currently stuck in your head?
Recently I have been obsessed with the clear notes of Debussy's Clair de Lune.
Last book you read?
Plato's Symposium, I read it again.

Top 3 favourite spots in Milan?
Triennale - always a good place to get inspired.
Plastic - always a great place to dance and have fun.
Margy Burger - always the best place for a hamburger.

Your favorite style sites? 

Secret talent?
I'm not a bad cook!

Your plans for Saturday night?
Of course I will be busy with my new collection. But I’ll find time to meet up with friends for a drink.


About Simone Rainer

Simone Rainer is born in Vipiteno in 1985. At the age of 18 he moves to Milan. After abandoning the idea of pursuing a mathematical degree, Simone Rainer chooses to move to Milan signing up for a fashion institute where he begins to follow a tailor’s course. Throughout this experience Simone explores his abilities within the textile industry, that already have been put to the test in the early years by his grandmother being a tailor herself.

After having finished his studies he starts working for Italian and foreign companies and develops throughout this journey his profound passion for accessories. After all Simone Rainer finds his true passion in one particular material: leather, not only characterized by its vivid features but also its capacity to change throughout time and conserve the marks of its path, an ongoing transformation observed by the owner of the object.

The brand Simone Rainer is born in 2011 driven by the wish to combine two seemingly different worlds: one being the leather sector representing tradition and craftsmanship and the other one being the universe of geometry with all its projections generated by the mathematical force of perfection.

After two seasons dedicated to a precise alchemic research aimed at transporting the soul to the purity of gold, Simone Rainer chose the human body as the guiding theme of the S/S 2013.

Once overcome the candid splendor of the winter, this collection is examinating the human body, naked and raw as it is, composed out of organs, fibres and textures, it is analyzed with a scientific precision, a puzzle made out of colored volumes, sensual in their own way, organs that recall jewelry and precious stones.

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