Sunday 21 April 2013


When supermodel Arizona Muse chooses to be the face of your first campaign you know you have hit home. That is the case of Danish breed designer Kim Trager and English born Lowell Delaney. Notable brands as Haider Ackermann, Céline and Alexander Wang has had the pleasure of the two designers after they left Central Saint Martins in London and before they decided to team up and design under the name Trager Delaney.

Their spring summer collection for 2013 is their debut collection and oozes effortless luxury, relaxed tailoring and investment pieces you just know will follow you many years to come.

We caught up with Lowell and Kim for a chat about secret talents, current pleasures and of course the future for Trager Delaney.

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Inspiration for SS13 collection?
((splinter x Dennis Rodman) / (Birkenstocks + Karen Mulder)) / Tony Hawk + 20% VAT= Our inspiration.

How do you divide your work between you? 
We don’t divide anything. We embrace everything together, holding hands.

Specific dream client?
Sophie Hicks

Biggest designer misconception? 
Yachts, sun oil and Florentine slippers.

If you guys weren’t designers, what would you do?
Cook us into oblivion. Or Kim would cargo fish in Padborg.

To Kim: Describe Lowell in 5 words?
Bucatini. Brutally handsome. One dimensional. Whiskey lover. Beast.

To Lowell: Describe Kim in 5 words? 
Beast. Red wine connoisseur. Strong thighs. Panty Dropper. Dolce latté.

Current guilty pleasures:
French fries
Slated caramel
Red wine
Honest burgers
Melted cheese

Song currently stuck in your heads?
Me and Julio Down by the School Yard - Simon and Garfunkel.

Last buy?
An Americano and a tea.

Top 3 favorite spots in London?
Moral Fox; best fried chicken. Honest Burger; best burgers and The Polish Quarter.

Secret talents?
Being handsome straight out of the shower.

Plans for Trager Delaney in 2013?

How are you spending this saturday?

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