Thursday, 16 May 2013


Berlin-based fashion designer Svenja Specht’s fascination in other cultures and languages led to canny observations that formed the basis of Reality Studio. Traveling to places like Paris and Tokyo inspired her to experiment and informed her design process, specifically her choice to avoid mass production and focus on garments that can adapt to a changing life. The creative choices behind Specht’s womenswear and accessories may happen in Berlin, but the scope expands to countries as far as China. Svenja introduces us to Yoske Nishiumi, who she believes is avant-garde because he follows his own path and isn’t too influenced by the trends of society.
Nishiumi left behind a traditional business career where he sold shaving razors in Tokyo to follow a dream that had been slowly creeping into his consciousness. After moving to Berlin in 2000, Nishiumi organized a free monthly “happening” at Koi Klub that became a haven for the burgeoning creative and design world. Through these event Nishiumi was able to meet like-minded artists and labels that he now regularly designs for. (Via
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