Wednesday, 12 June 2013


"I have been working on something I call the Egyptian Boy, and it started when I was watching a young boy, he has a big foot and a very small ankle and when you look at that kind of leg you understand, the foot is speaking about the future - the rest of the body will sooner or later grow to the same size of the foot," says the Danish artist Tal R about his latest project Egyptian Boy, a 60 pages paperback book with 60 illustrations in color. 

Get your copy here - EUR 35,00
This Artist Book is an exact copy of a notebook Tal R has been working on for the last three years. The Egyptian Boy is dealing with the body broken down into bits and pieces; nose, feet, knees, hips, genitals, throat, arm and so forth. The body being one for a second and then broken for a thousand seconds.

The Egyptian Boy book is also the source for a group of ceramic sculptures that Tal R has been working on. The sculptures were shown for the first time in March 2013 at Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin.
Tal R is among the most significant contemporary artists. Since the 1990s, his versatile oeuvre has drawn enormous attention internationally. His works have appeared in various solo and group exhibitions in Denmark, the USA, Germany, Israel and the UK.

His techniques include painting, collage, illustration, sculpture, object-making, and installation. He often uses elements from popular culture – music, comic book aesthetics, TV and old video game graphics – collaging them into an extraordinary and complex imagery. In doing so, he recycles traditional techniques and visual forms, transforms various styles and contexts, and integrates them into his work.

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