Thursday 3 April 2014


MUUSE got the unique chance to pick the brain of Rune Park, the buyer at the Henrik Vibskov Boutique. We asked him a few questions about what it’s like to be a buyer at the Henrik Vibskov Boutique, why MUUSE evoked his curiosity, the best thing about his job and much more.

What kind of shop is the Henrik Vibskov boutique where you work as a buyer?
HENRIK VIBSKOV BOUTIQUE has been open since 2006 in Copenhagen and April 2011 in New
York. Both stores reflect the universe of Henrik Vibskov – they are the only two places in the
world where you can preview the unedited collection. 
 is a satellite. Its aim is to reach out globally to all corners of the world with exciting products, 
special editions, old classics, books, magazines, and shoes from a range of local and
international designers, artists and creators, which we think create a new, progressive and
beautiful collection of pieces.

The best thing about your job is…
Working closely with Henrik Vibskov is a very unique experience. In all his creative processes he
challenges the notion of both fashion and art. Every season another multitude of twisted, yet
tantalizing universes come to life.

The Henrik Vibskov boutique in Copenhagen will be hosting a pop-up shop with MUUSE — what attracted you to the MUUSE brand?
That MUUSE helps the best design talents around the world so they can be supported in
producing, showing and selling their collections. In this very fast and competitive business,
initiatives like MUUSE are very important and encouraging for the up&coming designers.

How has your experience and journey within fashion influenced the way you approach buying? 
Today the fashion business is gifted with a lot of talented designers, but for a buyer it’s very
important that the quality and the production of all the new designers is consistent and reliable.
In the Henrik Vibskov boutiques in Copenhagen and New York you have both established brands
and up&coming brands.

What do the up&coming brands add to the boutique?

They broaden the palette of what we find unique and make us reflect on the constant movement that fashion is.

What’s the one thing that you are waiting patiently for a fashion designer to come up with?

A well worked through, sharply edited collection that can touch you. It should be 10% recognition
and 90% innovation.

What do you appreciate most in a design?

Design that asks questions and talks to your feelings. If I don’t feel it I don’t buy it!

What is your impression of Scandinavian street style?
High quality Scandinavian simplicity designed with an avant-garde creativity and a twist. And yes,
affordable fashion is important. I’m proud to be presenting the new Scandinavian movement in
our store which counts brands such as Asger Juel Larsen, Wali Mohammed Barrech and Anne
Sofie Madsen.

Whose style—past or present—do you admire the most?
Rei Kawakubo, from the past and into eternity.



  1. Rune Park is one of the best designer I have ever seen I have personally tried his designs and also recommend to my friend of competitive intelligence research and according to him his designs are just awesome.

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