Monday 4 August 2014


As of the August 15 we are looking for an experienced bookkeeper and finance manager for our studio and office at Papirøen in Copenhagen.

You will be responsible for the businesses finance, book keeping and budgeting. You will have close contact with our internal sales department, accounts department and company accountant.

Accounts receivables
Quarterly balances
Earnings and cash budgets

Personal competencies:
You have experience with accounts receivables, general bookkeeping, tax reporting, loans and budgets. You are structured, careful, flexible and reliable. You are curious and enjoy being a part of a cohesive work team.

Branche knowledge is an advantage
IT competencies:
You have a good understanding of computer systems, complete experience with E-conomics as well as experience with a factoring firm.

A background in accounting and commerce.

Fluency in Danish and English is a must.

Please send CV, application to:

Working hours per week: 37


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  4. As a bookkeeper, organizing data efficiently is crucial. Just like server drives streamline storage, meticulous record-keeping ensures smooth financial operations.

  5. This opportunity sounds fantastic! Henrik Vibskov Studio is renowned for its innovative and avant-garde designs, and the chance to work as a bookkeeper within such a creative environment in Copenhagen is truly exciting. As someone with a strong background in bookkeeping and a passion for the arts, I believe I would thrive in this role and contribute positively to the studio's financial management. Regarding the keyword adjustment, I'm happy to help. Could you provide more context or specify how you'd like to adjust the keyword "Cenforce D"