Wednesday 24 September 2014


By Alannah Sparks
Photography: Meinke Klein. Styling: Jo Schlenzka. Hair: Alexander Soltermann. Makeup: Emma Williams

A diaphanous Margiela tee is all that’s needed to complement the striking silhouette of Yohji Yamamoto’s voluminous peaked skirt.

Yohji Yamamoto ‘Tuck’ Skirt

Once a year, Paris opens up the doors to its galleries and museums for Nuit Blanche, an all-night party that sets the city alight with art and exuberance. Blaze a trail through your own white night in the many-layered delights of Paris’ finest designers. From Lanvin’s feathers and Stella’s fringing to Junya’s explosive layers and Yohji Yamamoto’s wild volumes, this is how to shine in the City of Light.

Chanel’s iconic skirt suit gets a punky update for AW14 in monster faux fur, paired with Comme des Garcons’ sporty quilted skirt.

Comme des Garcons Shirt Quilted Skirt

Fend off the autumn night’s sharp bite in Yohji Yamamoto’s mountainous duvet coat – all the more cosy when worn against bare skin and Ann Demeulemeester’s whisper of a skirt.


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