Thursday, 24 September 2015


❤️ From today you can buy the t-shirts @henrikvibskov and @huskmitnavn1 made for @redbarnetdk and help support thousands of children fleeing from war torn countries right now. You can get it at @henrikvibskov_boutique or at Den Plettede Gris as well as on ❤️ #henrikvibskov #huskmitnavn #redbarnet #frabarntilbarn #everychild


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  2. Recently on pixel shooting games attacks have been separating everybody in the server all the while. So as a result of that it's truly difficult to get the "Play two Raids" fight pass alternative. I've checked my wifi and I have three bars however it's despite everything occurring. I'm not contending or anything other than rather with my ordinary karma of getting things fixed I trust this may as well. Be that as it may, this issue isn't sufficiently large to bring the game down to four stars. I love this game and will remain on my home-screen until the end of time. Generally this game is my top choice. In any case, if you don't mind attempt to make level cutoff points and fix the assault issue. This game is very fun, similar to I love the characters or Valkyries is the thing that their brought in the game, I additionally appreciate how the game functions and all the occasions. Theirs one issue on however, I figure their still isn't sufficient approaches to get precious stones, I have such a significant number of issues with getting weapons and characters since I don't have gems, this game can be a ftp game and a ptp, you can be an allowed to play yet it's sort of hard on the grounds that you can't get high scores just by being an allowed to play player, and a few valkyries need certain marks of shame and weapons to be acceptable. Likewise the gacha containers is something else I don't care for on the grounds that they have weapons and marks of disgrace in a similar case, they have this thing where in the event that you open 10 cases and you don't get a 4 star weapon or shame, you are ensured a shame or weapons, yea this may sound great however the shame drop rate is higher then the weapon so you're most likely going to get a shame, and this is the reason I think we need more precious stones, I can't tally the occasions I gotten a disgrace rather than the weapon I truly need.

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