Thursday, 1 October 2015


We are proud to announce that the new video for Henrik Vibskov's Messy Massage Class by Cyan Studios is out now! ENJOY!  

Thanks to everyone who made it possible:

Producer ANN DELIĆ

Sarah Armstrong
Casper-Malte Augusta
My Grönholdt
Ida-Louis Leclerc Larsen
Michiel Tange van Leeuwen
Robert Logrell
Carl Michael Richardt M.R. MYMY IRIDESCENCE BARK MORPHO 1314
My Nilsson
Sigrid Norheim Ørntoft

Choreographic Consultant Ida-Louis Leclerc Larsen

Director of Photograph Signe Tora Munk Bencke

Assistant Camera Dalin Waldo




Rikke Bitten Bonde
Stina Resting
Andreas Emenius

Editor Trine Maria Kjær

Colourist Katrine Gram Sloth

Sound Designer Daniel Massey

Production Assistant Caitlin Shannon

Still Photographer Mishael Phillip

A special THANKS to Rune Park


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  6. Messy Massage Class by Cyan Studios is a fashion film for the F/W collection 2016 by Danish fashion designer and installation artist Henrik Vibskov.

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  21. Cyan Studios’ director Christian Larson and his long-time collaborator, the arthouse fashion icon Henrik Vibskov have collaborated again to create a new short film AS ONE. The film is an audio interpretation of Henrik Vibskov music and words, in which
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    human bodies are destroyed and rebuilt in a hectic but poetic play with massages, sensuality and spirituality. The last film of Christian Larson - who is leaving the world of commercial (CG) animation due to his deep boredom and overall strong feelings of non-fulfilment - is a highly surrealistic exercise that opens up new perspectives on reality itself.

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