Tuesday, 3 August 2010

ANNTIAN: New brand in the Oslo store!

ANNTIAN AW10/11 "Walk the LIGHT"

From Anntians pressrelease:

AW10/11 collection "Walk the LIGHT" tells about walks that you do in the dark, at night. It's about illuminated windows that give moments of insight while passing them, about a light cone of a pocket lamp, about beaming spotlights wandering around, detecting, blinding, searching, finding, focusing. The collection, as a journey , a Walk of Senses, connects to daily surroundings, to spaces and places we're living in, to objects and structures.

All graphics and colors are handpainted or handprinted by ANNTIAN, which makes every piece unique and "abnormal". Of great importance to ANNTIAN is the closeness to the product, and it's regional manufacturers, so as the increasing usage of ecological fabrics and materials. The clothes are full of hidden details, conceptual authorised, differing and individual. Expressions of graphic elements and shapes are always based on the theme contents we're presenting within the collection.

Fields of inspiration:

In general we are fascinated by mistakes, errors, disharmonies and abnormalities, unusualities, uncommen things, defects etc. Nature is a very important field of inspiration on the one hand side - on the other there's the vanguards in the field of techniques that are of interest to us. As we recognize that our way of working is often constructivistic, we can say that we feel related to Constructivism in some ways. Also Architecture is always a great field to look at.


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