Monday 15 August 2011


“Simplicity With A Beautiful Edge"

"The anticipation and expectation were at their maximum prior to the Henrik Vibskov show. Music key one… models go… and all of a sudden the beautiful collection presented paralyzed the audience. For some reason Henrik Vibskov has the power to create simple, ready-to-wear clothing, with a beautiful, Vibskov-ish, edgy twist. The main tendencies worth noticing were the floral prints, the-all-time-favourite trench coat, but now in silky, fluid materials, and suits with shorts and long socks – finally, I can tell my dad “TOLD-YOU-SO”!"

Music by: Trentemøller
Framed by: Paw Wegner Gissel, Mathias Broe, Stefan Wilken, Morten Bo Johansson, Andreas M. Hansen, Brian R. Andersen, Birk Kromann.
Edit by: Cecilie Korsgaard Berg
Post Production: Birk Kromann
Creative Direction: Rasmus Sloth
Director of Photography: Birk Kromann & Morten Bo Johansen

Thanks to Fashion Week Live - WE LOVE YOU TOO!

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