Friday, 12 October 2012


'Now & Then' AW//12 by Anntian is now availbale in all our Boutiques and ONLINE.
 Falling Leaves - it happens one drops right next to you and grabs your attention for a moment- a cut in the continuum, a perspective of a moment which offers ways in to stepping forward. either you ignore this little irritation, almost don't recognize, or you get inspired, forced to even inspect the leaves, as it happened to us when within their "sudden appearance" an Aura arose .Each of the leaves are different, a huge variety lying there on the ground, all beautiful, slightly wet, shining and sparkling, spotted from the sunshine, rich in colour tones, wine-red, autumn yellow, warm-brown, even pink, right, intense almost unreal. Their constitution fascionating, geometeric, technical. Smelling of oxygen, earth, trees, wet-sand, and still fresh. A closer look  shows a covering, kind of chalky, "greyish", rough, second layer -another plain, the rotten process. The way they looked now at the moment wouldn't ever be the same again, as from then on they would "change" , degenerate. We grabbed that moment, preserved it , sort of transferred it into a new moment, each moment with it's wide open scale of what to make of it- when giving it the attention needed.
'NOW & THEN' worships the very moment, each moment with it's wide open scale of what to make of it- when giving it the attention it needed.
Find it here.


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